Espiritu Zombi

Ensemble: The Eternals

Label: New Atlantis Records / Submarine Records

Release Date: August 13, 2016

Damon Locks – vocals
Tomeka Reid – vocals
Jeanine O'Toole – vocals
Nick Mazzarella – alto saxophone
Nate Lepine – flute
Josh Berman – cornet
Wayne Montana – guitar
Jason Adasiewicz – vibraphone
Matt Lux – bass
Areif Sless-Kitain – drums

Track Listing:
1. Opening Scene (Opening Seams)
2. Makeshift Satellite
3. Destroy the Body
4. Unseen Force
5. Blackout!
6. Espiritu Zombi
7. Misshapen Darkness of Night
8. The Last Moment
9. The End Has Begun

Production Credits:
Recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago by Greg Norman.
Mixed by Wayne Montana.
Mastered by Carl Saff.
Cover image by Damon Locks.
Art direction and design by Ian Anderson.